Friday, September 28, 2012

Afflictions from Sitting

The most common injury I encounter as a massage therapist is really a set of injuries or common complaints that are directly caused by sitting too much, especially in front of a computer.  Body worker and developer of the MAT method, Erik Dalton calls this "flexion addiction."

Whatever you call it, it causes lots of issues: chronic neck and upper back pain, headaches, arm & hand tingling/numbness/achiness, creaky elbows and wrists, loss of range of motion in the shoulder, forward head posture and more.

When clients ask me, "Why do I feel like this?  What can I do?,"  my answer is always the same, "You have to move!  You have to counter the position you've been in."  If you sit in the same position for more than 20 minutes you are depriving your muscular system of much needed and vital oxygen - you need to move!!  So, get up, walk to the breakroom, or the filing cabinets, or down the hall to deliver something in person rather than via email - just move.  If you can't get up or you have no where to go in the office, then try these simple yoga moves you can do at your desk.  

Om at Work: Yoga for Your Lunch Break

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Posture & Breath Connection

I could have written this post myself, but honestly this one is so well done I just thought I'd share!

Click on the Pic below to take you to the GAIAM blog entry.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jump Start Wellness Package

We often save our plans to adopt a healthier lifestyle until the first of the year, cramming in our "New Year's Resolutions" with all of the other stresses that come with January (post-holiday bills, post-holiday bloat, back-to-school schedules).  This frequently results in a quick start out of the gates and a fizzling crash before we ever reach our finish line.

I suggest you try something new this year: Fall Resolutions.  The holiday season begins to trickle in at the end of October, by the end of November it's here full force, and it continues strong for another 6-8 weeks.  Setting goals or resolutions now and beginning the implementation process gives you 6-10 weeks to build new habits before the weight of the holidays comes crashing down.

To assist you in setting some Fall Resolutions and creating a plan to achieve them, I've teamed up with Certified Health Coach, Tracy Quintanar, with The Path to Health, to offer a Jump Start Wellness Package.

Jump Start Wellness Package
2 - Sixty Minute Massage or Reiki Sessions (retail value: $150)
4 - Health Coaching Sessions - 1 per week (retail value: $260)
4 - Yoga or Feldenkrais® Classes offered at A Balancing Act - 1 per week (retail value: $60)

Package Price: $370 ($100 savings off regular full prices)

The following discounted services can be added to the package to customize your options:
Massage or Reiki Session: $65/sixty minutes
Health Coaching Sessions: $50/each
Yoga or Feldenkrais® Classes: $10/each up to 16 additional classes
(20+ classes can be purchased for $9/each)

For more information or to purchase your Jump Start Wellness Package, please contact me at 912-399-1919 or  You may also contact Tracy Quintanar at 912-506-1041.

As always you can contact me via phone, web, Facebook or Twitter at the following links:

(912) 399-1919

A Balancing Act
2481 Demere Road, Suite 100
St. Simons Island, GA 31522
(912) 634-4747

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Facebook Fan Referral Winners

Thank you to all my Facebook fans who referred new people to my page.  The top referrals and winners are:

Beth Sutton - Top Referrals - $50 Gift Certificate toward any Massage or Reiki session

2nd Place Referrals (4-way tie) - $25 Gift Certificate toward any Massage or Reiki session
Del Oehms Hamilton
Sara Green
Angela Kim
Mia Knight Nichols

Stay tuned, I may offer another contest soon.  I'd like to have 250 fans for 2012!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Like" Us on Facebook Fan Referral Give-Away

My Facebook business page is located at Neely W. Hunter, LMT - Integrated Massage Works.  Now, you all may know that my website is called Massage by Neely as is my blog, but I created my Facebook page first and unfortunately Facebook won't let me change it without starting all over.  Nobody wants to do that!  But, what I do want are more people to "LIKE" my Facebook page - especially people local to or that are frequent visitors of The Golden Isles.

To accomplish this goal, I'm challenging all my friends, fans, and "Like"rs to share my Facebook page with their Facebook friends and encourage them to Like me too.

What's in it for you?
1st Place - the fan who refers the most new fans - will receive a $50 off coupon to use toward any massage or Reiki session or package of sessions.

2nd Place - the fan who refers the second most new fans - will receive a $25 off coupon to use toward any massage or Reiki session or package of sessions.

All Facebook Fans will receive a $5 off coupon to use toward any massage or Reiki session or package of sessions.  A link to a printable coupon will be posted at the end of the promotion.

How does it work?
If you already LIKE my page, go to it, share it with your friends asking them to LIKE the page and then to post on the Wall saying, "My Friend ________ sent me here!" (Or something to that effect.  Be creative!  I just need to know that they're new and who referred them. :-)

If you haven't already LIKEd my page, then go there, LIKE it, post a comment for yourself and then share it with your friends!

When does it end?
The challenge begins as soon as you read this notice (I'm writing it on August 7, 2011) and ends August 31, 2011 at 11:59pm.  I'll post the winners by Friday, September 2, 2011.


(adapted from this article on the GAIAM blog)

According to Iyengar Yoga teacher Aadil Palkhivala, “‘Nama’ means bow, ‘as’ means I, and ‘te’ means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means ‘bow me you’ or ‘I bow to you.’”

Other translations of Namaste:

"I bow to the god within you."
“The divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.”
“The sacred in me respects the sacred in you.”
“The light within me reflects the light within you.”